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Technical services include seven content areas.
Information Services
Technical service representative with the organization should establish long-term, stable link to get in users of the products of the various opinions and demands of the user to properly use and care products.
Installation and commissioning services
According to user requirements for product installation and commissioning work at the site or installation location (or user guide).
Maintenance service
Service is generally divided into two types of regular and irregular, regular technical maintenance service category is by product maintenance programs and services will be provided for the service. Unscheduled maintenance refers to the maintenance services and products in the transport process due to the use of contingencies and need to provide.
To provide users with products related to spare parts and consumables.
Testing Services
To make the product as designed to provide effective operation of the tests carried out, inspection, monitoring work, as well as dedicated instrumentation devices require. Because of the increasingly heavy workload testing services, a variety of special instruments are also increasing and testing services tend to establish a variety of comprehensive professional or test center.
Technical Documentation Services
Provide product brochures, operating instructions, maintenance manuals and wearing parts, spare parts, technical design information and other relevant documents to the user.
Training Services
User training for the operation and maintenance personnel. The training is mainly to explain the working principle, technology to help users master the operation and maintenance of common sense, and sometimes also for the actual operation of the simulator training on the product or in kind.